Bila Berg is an Israeli artist who was born in Israel and creates there. Her works have been exhibited in Israel and other countries.   The subject of her works is the Israeli landscape and its many layers. In her works she refers to the cover which envelopes the land, including  the beauty of the open space, but also the inner strata of this earth, while using symbols in reference to social and political narratives.

Berg’s paintings shift between the seen and unseen nature. The artist’s connection to nature takes her outside the studio, to the gradually uncovered nature, which is a source of inspiration for the painting and a basis for the emerging work. The painting is composed of layers and strata which change with every layer. The paintings are nourished by the open space, the light, the transformation of the location and the artist, in the recurring encounter with the location. Sometimes it is alive and lustrous, but sometimes it is cut and razed.

In her studio paintings, the artist combines the two types of nature. Among other things, she engages in social and political narratives.  The nature which permeates these paintings appears as an allegory and touches on universal issues of art and reality.

In 2017 her painting was chosen by the two leading art websites, Artssspot and Opening BCN, as one of 10 best painting displayed in Barcelona.

Main Solo exhibitions

2018 – "Animals Farm" – Artists house Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator:Chen Shapira.

2017 – Sun Stand still at Gibeon-Call Barcelona ,Spain.

2017 – "Sensaciones" – Monalisa Gallery, Barcelona, Spain Curator: Jose David Lefelman.

2016 – "Light" –Yedidya, Jerusalem.

2011 – "Trees die Erect" – Tel Aviv, Artists house. Curator: Galit Semel.

2010 – "Changing" – Jerusalem, Nora Gallery.

2004 – "Landscapes & Demolished Houses", Sherover gallery, Jerusalem.

2003 – "Landscapes" – Beth Hashmonay gallery.


Main Group exhibitions

2019 – She's gone, Oasis Art Gallery,Neve Shalom 

2018 – Refugees, Oasis Art Gallery, Neve Shalom

2018 – 50 Years of Occupation, Oasis Art Gallery, Neve Shalom

 2016 – Inauguracion-Monalisa Gallery, Barcelona,Spain

2014 – "land/Earth" – Apter Barrer gallery, Maalot

2012 – "Tortured", house of artists, Tel Aviv.

2012 – "Home land songs", Maale Hahamisha.

2011 – "In Between", The Tachana gallery, Tel Aviv.

2010 – "Paintings", King David Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2010 – "Eco-book", artists book exhibition, Beth Gabriel.

2010 – "Bread & Roses", Tel Aviv.

2009 – "Imagination", Tel Aviv.

2008 – "Vision & Reality", Hanita Museum.

2008 – "Israeli Art Exhibition", Tel Aviv.

2007 – "Bread & Roses", Tel Aviv.

2004 – "Landscapes", Tel Aviv.